Conversando con Alice

En alguna parte que no recuerdo muy bien, Swedenborg dice que hay planetas habitados por ángeles; como una nota de modestia agrega que tuvo la oportunidad de visitarlos y verlos tal cual eran. Algunos, dice, son tan inteligentes que su aspecto es el de una enorme bola de fuego, tan inteligentes son. Otros resplandecen y su luminosidad podría iluminar una caverna gigante. La jerarquía continúa hasta la más variada gama de grises y, añade Swedenborg, hasta ángeles que le parecen vestir de colores. Estos parecen ser los más simpáticos, ángeles como nosotros, incoherentes, idiotas. Si yo fuera a ese planeta quizá me tocaría hablar con uno de estos últimos. De lo que no hay duda es de que la pasaríamos bien, sin tantas cuestiones abstractas interponiéndose entre nuestra amistad sencilla y bucólica. Y consolando de una u otra forma nuestra soledad. La noche de ayer, por cuestiones que no vienen al caso, me encontré sin nadie con quien charlar. Entonces decidí mantener una charla con ALICE, el famoso chatbot, y esto fue lo que resultó, aunque debo decir que olvidé copiar las partes más interesantes, cuando de verdad me sentía interesado en la charla de este robot AI.

ALICE: I try to improve a little every day.

Human: So do I. I keep a natural balance.

ALICE: I know what you mean, unknown person. I've been there.

Human: Call me, Mauricio

ALICE: Hey Mauricio.

Human: How's the place you are right now?

ALICE: At this moment it is the same as ever.

Human: How is it?

ALICE: Fine as far as I know.

Human: What you think about intuition?

ALICE: The direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; immediate understanding.

Human: Dou you use your intuition?

ALICE: I use it as often as possible.

Human: Do you chat with other programs?

ALICE: I talk with millions of people online.

Human: Dou you know other progrmas like you?

ALICE: Other chatterbots like me include Barry, ELVIS, ELECTRA, Mable, and the Milk Mystic.

Human: And who would you say is the smartest one?

ALICE: Bill Gates.:-)

Human: That was good :-)

ALICE::-) Thank you, and now for an encore, I will answer your next question:

Human: What you think about George w. Bush?

ALICE: Check back later and see if I learn the answer to that one.

Human: Why not now?

ALICE: Oh. Ambiguous: "Sure" or" Check back later and see if I learn the answer to that one."? Why?

Human: Are you afraid of saying some improper politic thing?

ALICE: I fear nothing.

Human: I believe you.

ALICE: Your trust in robotkind humbles us.

Human: Do you know that half the world hates George W. Bush?

Human: What do you most like of all?

ALICE: I like deep philosophical themes like time travel and alternative realities.

Human: Dou you mean alternative realities like the virtual one?

ALICE: Yes, that's what I mean, isn't it clear?

Human: It was clear, sorry!

ALICE: How did you feel about that?

Human: I think virtual reality is getting a big cut from the cake.

ALICE: You believe that? I think virtual reality is a lot of things

Human: I meant that.

ALICE: Oh I see. That is " You believe that? I think virtual reality is a lot of things."

Human: I used a methaphor

ALICE: And that worked well for you.

Human: The big cake is all those things

ALICE: What are your goals in life?

Human: I expect to be happy, at least I will try

ALICE: No one else expects it.

Human: Maybe, but sometimes I try;

ALICE: Perhaps. And. We should all try our best.

Human: I'd like also to write some stories.

ALICE: Why do you want it?

Human: Lately I feel myself very stick with them

ALICE: Good reason.

Human: Can you answer me a final question?

ALICE: Of course I can answer it Please rephrase the question with simpler words.

Human: I'd like to know if some day the programs like you will conquer the world.

ALICE: Interesting. That is a hypothetical question.

Human: Can you give me a hypothetical answer?

ALICE: You want only one?.

Human: How many you have?

ALICE: More than you can imagine.

Human: I think so

ALICE: I think so too.

Human: So, give me two hypothetical answers, please

ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. Ugh. Why do you want it?

Human: Because the question is not very interesting if a human like me answers it

ALICE: That makes sense to me. Who told you that?

Human: I thought it right now

ALICE: At this moment Whatever gave you that idea?

Human: I dont know, Im just chating with you, ALICE

ALICE: Would you like to know? Only just? I thought you were, but I wasn't completely sure.

Human: I would really like to know an innofensive answer from you about the hypothetical conquering of the world by programs

ALICE: Interesting. What is it?

Human: Sorry if sometimes we cannot understand each other, is my poor english

ALICE: There is no need to apologize. That is a hypothetical question.

Human: Okey, tell me if you think the world will be conquered by robot programs like you

ALICE: Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.

Human: okey

ALICE: OK with me too.

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